Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas~!

I don't have much to do on this ronery Chrismas Eve(still Christmas Eve here in California) other than blog. Ronery as in, my parents are no fun to hang out with and my sister is out with her questionable boyfriend. Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu. I don't even have anything holiday-related to blog about...

I could post some Elfster screenshots to troll show how wonderful my friends are to my miniscule amount of followers. By the way, Elfster is basically a website where you could set up gift exchanges, in this case, a Secret Santa. Then, you draw the names online(of course nobody else will know what name you get!) and then just post your wishlist, send anonymous questions to the anonymous person who you drew, or even send questions to the person drew you, all preparing up to the actual date of the gift exchange. Pretty convienient! The actual date of the Secret Santa I'm in isn't until Monday. I haven't bought my gift yet. Hehehe.

Meanwhile, the said Elfster screenshots(with the last names blanked out):

I left the K in one of the last names since there quite a few Jessica's in ~*OUR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS*~.

She never did put anything reasonable on her wishlist~

Bokchoy is actually an alias, both her first and last name, but I blanked out her last name anyway for the sake of privacy. And 'Catherine' is me, and yes, THAT IS A FLYNN RIDER AVATAR.


The blanked out part before the 'T-T' is 'Bokchoy's' real last name.

'Bokchoy' posted a lot of perverted things on her wishlist. ALL OF WHICH I DO NOT APPROVE OF. /scampers into corner staring neurotically at desktop wallpaper of Flynn and Rapunzel

Ahehehehehe. Thanks.

So punny.

We make a lot of dirty jokes, if you haven't notice yet.

To clarify, on elfster, you could earn 'Elfpoints' by asking questions, posting comments, adding stuff to your wishlist, ect. Van here wanted to have a lot of elfpoints so she spammed everyone with pointless questions...She got really irritating.

Oh 'Bokchoy', I hope you're reading this blog post.

S'all I have to share from Elfster. This blogpost was actually pretty pointless but y'know, FOREVER ALONE with nothing to do but hope my sister bought me Vampire Knight volume 11. /coughackcough

Oops, almost forgot this Tangled fanart drawn on Tegaki-e. Not Christmas-related but IF IT INVOLVES TANGLED, THEN YOU BET IT'S THE HAPPIEST TIME OF THE YEAR! 8D

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh hai....

Haven't posted anything in a long time. I guess it's because I haven't got much to post about.
Well, for one thing, I'm still super obsessed with Tangled. NEED BLUE-RAY DVD NOW PLEASE.

Well I could talk about finals. It was generally easy. The Biology final was paticulary strange, because it had questions like:
"What's the relationship between photosynthesis and celluar respiration?"
"A. They used to go out."

Throughout the whole week, I was worried the most about the History final, but when the day came, I found it to be extremely easy, probably because I overstudied(if you could do such a thing) the day before.

Now it's winter break and I need to squeeze the edu-macational stuff out of my head. :)

I was also part of this suprise birthday party for a dear friend. I don't want to talk to much about it, because I'm a little embarrassed to talk about what happened. Let's just say that somebody screwed up the suprise. And then we gained "17 layers of phosolipids". It was overall a fun day, mostly due to excessive internet surfing and playing QWOP.

Oh, and back on Tangled, sketch dump anyone?

Crap, I wasn't thinking right when I first posted. Well, this sketch dump has spoilers, so please do not click unless you watched the movie. Apologies to anyone who saw the sketch dump without me warning about spoilers in the first place.

And holiday fanart(which I already posted on deviantart a while ago):

/dying of anticipation for the next Vampire Knight chapter

S'all I have to say really. Unless you want to hear about how the same friend that screwed up the suprise took too many fiber gummies.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Right after school today, I saw Tangled(in 3D x3) with a friend, Jessica, and her brother. In line to buy the tickets, I kept bringing up the subject of how surreal it was that the movie we've been for for a year is suddenly less than an hour away.

So there we sat, watching through preview after preview of these animated movies. We kept making fun of the Yogi Bear movie. And we complained about the children "expressing their reaction to whatever is going on a little louder than necessary". Okay fine, I admit it, I really hate it when children are in the theatre.

So, I'm not going into any details about the movie, because I don't want to spoil anybody. I'm just going to say that it was the SWEETEST and the BEST movie I've seen a long time. Not even my dear friend gripping my hand and cutting off all circulation in my fingers ruined the movie. Unfortunately, it was premiere day, so of course there were overly-excited children. Most of them did not like the ending(not going to say why, even though I LOVED the ending and it warmed my heart and made me teary-eyed), and well...they expressed their disappointment. Sure little children supposedly don't know any better, but c'mon, it's a movie I've been waiting for for A LONG TIME, so of course I'm going to fume it out if the children can't behave themselves.

But to sum it up, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT. I'm obsessively listening to one of the songs right now. The movie also introduced me to my new OTP: Flynn and Rapunzel. I haven't seen such a charming and sweet couple in such a long time.

Disney's Tangled artpiece at upper-right taken from the Tangled graphic novel.


Oh god, cuteness overload anybody?:


Saturday, November 20, 2010


I got a B- on the History test. Which is actually really good since the average was C-. And, because the tests in history are so hard, the teacher adds ten points to the grade(unless below 60%), so I technically got an A-. :} But B- is still in the top 5 or something. Sad or what?

OH AND TANGLED IS IN 4 DAYS. IT'S GOING TO BE MIND-NUMBINGLY BEAUTIFUL I BET. AHAHAHAHA, I CAN'T WAIT. Errr, ahem. Sorry, I've just been waiting for this movie for a REALLY long time, so it's surreal that it's about a half week away. :)

'Nother piece of Tegaki-e art anybody? I linked the thumbnail to my deviantart instead of my Tegaki blog because on Tegaki-e, the art piece isn't showing up on Internet Explorer. Already, I see how Tegaki can be a bit unreliable. :/

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Nothing like a date with a tablet and Photoshop to destress myself. :)

And is anybody else totally excited for Black Friday? On that day, I'm for sure going to wipe out the (upper level of) Urban Outfitters. It's 50% off clearance items from 9 to 10--at least that's what went on last year. I'm dying for new dresses from Urban Outfitters, and possibly a clunky necklace. I've always wanted a clunky neckace!

And I need more pants. x3
I might check out Wal-Mart afterwards, just to see how congested with shoppers it is. Last time I went, there was an ambulance in the front. e_e

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Spamming the internet with my crap #2


My art subjects are getting repetitive. Trillions of flower-themed girls much?

Okay, I need to stop my destressing time and jump back into the American Revolution. My mind kind of blanks out after the Navigation Acts, which is actually a CAUSE of the American Revolution. Not even IN it.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Spamming the internet with my crap

I found an online drawing site called Tegaki E, made an account, and eventually did a quickie on it:

Drawing unseriously is my relaxation. Now I have to get back to seriously working on another piece on Photoshop. T_T

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Break, break, break, break, break

Finally, a school vacation after two months of non-stop school. No homework too. :D

We also finished up another movie in Piano class. It had Christian Bale as a Nazi. So hot. Oh, and it was about swing music and…uh…I forgot. I just remembered Christian Bale being sadistic.

No I don’t support Nazism or anything like that, just in case what I just said is seriously offending you.

And here's a quick sketch:

And a *complete* drawing:

I follow so many sweet lolita blogs, it's hardly a surprise I drew this. x_x

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hur, hur Kanon Wakeshima

Obsessing over Kanon Wakeshima more and more:

Listen to Heroine Syndrome now. >3

By far one of the best Japanese artists I ever listened to. But I suppose that doesn't mean much considering it's coming from a person who avoids edgy music, and likes the weird, dark ones.
But seriously, isn't this an addicting song?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh god.

I am a drawfag, like my sister said. OTL. Two weeks actively blogging here and I already provided practically a whole gallery's worth of pieces.
To support that:

A flower fairy that wasn't supposed to be a flower fairy in the first place. e_e Me and my frilly tendencies~

A dude that's not really a dude.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Halloween on Sunday was rather fun. My friends and I did a very non-Halloweeny thing--which was go to Gildroy Gardens. However a lot of little kids went in thier costumes.
At first it was fun, just ridin' the little kiddie rides. Then we got hungry and blew eight dollars a dish at some Italian specialty restaurant there. (why am I always in the only Asian group at an Italian restaurant?) Even if it was eight dollars, it was still too much food for me, but I somehow choked it all down. We went on a garlic spinny ride immediately after and it was AWFUL. It spun too fast, everybody could feel the food solids hitting the walls of their stomachs and traveling up their throat, it was just...FFFFUUU. Nobody vomited luckily, and we were very reluctant to go on another spinny ride.
Then it hit us. Every. Single. Ride. Spins. We could survive Great America(which isn't that bad in the first place) but not a garlic-themed amusement park. Lovely.
We went on nearly every ride anyway, even the only "roller coaster" there, which surprisingly didn't give us as much of a lump-in-the-throat-feeling as the spinny rides. It wasn't much of a thrill ride anyway, the only thing exciting was that it went really fast. And the carts were rather tall, so that eliminated the fear of falling out during the ride.
My favorite part of the day was going on the paddle boats shaped like ducks and swans. The first time around, my friend and I could barely paddle the entire length of the pool-lake thing. We kept going around in circles or hitting rocks or even hitting another boat. I could see my other friends on the docks laughing. :<

Ah, I hope my friend uploads the Gildroy Garden pictures so I could steal it from her. 8>

Then 3/4 of us went back to a friend's house where we printed out last-minute masks for Halloween.(I already had a costume, but I was too lazy to go and get it)

My friend--Pedobear--kept saying 'Hi' to the little kids that passed by and commenting(really loudly) on how cute they looked. She would've done it with or without the mask though.
We went out for 20 minutes and got tired. We got a decent amount of loot though. Pedobear however, ate about nine Dum-Dums in under ten minutes.

And chapter 66 of my favorite manga(Vampire Knight) came out today. ;w; :


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Full Halloween day report tomorrow because I want to drag my sore butt to bed right now. =w= For now, enjoy this crappy drawing o' mine:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Things that make other people think I'm strange

I made a list for the heck of it. I just want to see how long the list goes. xD
1. I wear too many dresses. I'm always the skirt in the midst of skinny jeans.
2. I'm too girly and have a deep love for pinks and baby blues.
3. I don't mind abortion.
4. I don't care about a possible legalization of drugs.
5. I have a perverted sense of humor. Okay, well more so than most people.
6. I laugh and smile when someone insults me.
7. People catch me doodling on test papers.
8. I dumb myself down most of the time, and it's obvious when I do it.
9. I hate doing Biology labs.
10. I hate it when people use improper grammar when they talk to me online.
11. I try to avoid sunshine as much as possible.
12. I would wear dresses in the middle of winter and I would not feel cold.
13. I avoid eye contact, even with my peers.
14. I hate Hot Cheetos.(not really strange, but other people think it is)

On another note, my US History teacher has been talking about the fashion of the 13th-16th century an awful lot, so I ended up doodling this with my tablet:

Er, I think it's a dress from 13th century Spain...? I don't know, I drew it from memories of paintings of Spanish nobles.
And bye-bye computer, I have to unplug you until Friday. ;o; (damn Thursday carpet renovations)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My sister said to put stuff on my blog not found on my deviantArt, so I was like "....Okay."
So there's a princess drawn in 5 minutes.


I'm tired...
School made me tired.