Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Break, break, break, break, break

Finally, a school vacation after two months of non-stop school. No homework too. :D

We also finished up another movie in Piano class. It had Christian Bale as a Nazi. So hot. Oh, and it was about swing music and…uh…I forgot. I just remembered Christian Bale being sadistic.

No I don’t support Nazism or anything like that, just in case what I just said is seriously offending you.

And here's a quick sketch:

And a *complete* drawing:

I follow so many sweet lolita blogs, it's hardly a surprise I drew this. x_x


  1. daw that's really cute! I've always been a fan of sweet lolitas, just not wearing it

  2. omfg I love Swing Kids, I share your sentiments XD

    Great drawings, the sweet lolita's dress is really cute!!

  3. Pretty cool drawings. You've some skill in drawing frilly dresses, I see.

  4. Nice picture. The bear print on the front of the dress looks cute.