Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Halloween on Sunday was rather fun. My friends and I did a very non-Halloweeny thing--which was go to Gildroy Gardens. However a lot of little kids went in thier costumes.
At first it was fun, just ridin' the little kiddie rides. Then we got hungry and blew eight dollars a dish at some Italian specialty restaurant there. (why am I always in the only Asian group at an Italian restaurant?) Even if it was eight dollars, it was still too much food for me, but I somehow choked it all down. We went on a garlic spinny ride immediately after and it was AWFUL. It spun too fast, everybody could feel the food solids hitting the walls of their stomachs and traveling up their throat, it was just...FFFFUUU. Nobody vomited luckily, and we were very reluctant to go on another spinny ride.
Then it hit us. Every. Single. Ride. Spins. We could survive Great America(which isn't that bad in the first place) but not a garlic-themed amusement park. Lovely.
We went on nearly every ride anyway, even the only "roller coaster" there, which surprisingly didn't give us as much of a lump-in-the-throat-feeling as the spinny rides. It wasn't much of a thrill ride anyway, the only thing exciting was that it went really fast. And the carts were rather tall, so that eliminated the fear of falling out during the ride.
My favorite part of the day was going on the paddle boats shaped like ducks and swans. The first time around, my friend and I could barely paddle the entire length of the pool-lake thing. We kept going around in circles or hitting rocks or even hitting another boat. I could see my other friends on the docks laughing. :<

Ah, I hope my friend uploads the Gildroy Garden pictures so I could steal it from her. 8>

Then 3/4 of us went back to a friend's house where we printed out last-minute masks for Halloween.(I already had a costume, but I was too lazy to go and get it)

My friend--Pedobear--kept saying 'Hi' to the little kids that passed by and commenting(really loudly) on how cute they looked. She would've done it with or without the mask though.
We went out for 20 minutes and got tired. We got a decent amount of loot though. Pedobear however, ate about nine Dum-Dums in under ten minutes.

And chapter 66 of my favorite manga(Vampire Knight) came out today. ;w; :



  1. It sounds like you had a great time (minus the spinny rides- i can't handle those either with food)

    also hooray for getting manga chapters! It's what I always look forward to on specific days of the month

  2. Only 20 minutes and you got a lot?! Lucky!

    GARLIC-THEMED AMUSEMENT PARK :OOO That sounds soooo good *-*