Sunday, October 30, 2011

LOTS OF CRAP AGAIN + two movies I watched yeah

looooooooooooootttttttttts of sketches this time.

Also, yesterday, I went with a friend to see 50/50 and In Time. Weellll technically, we bought tickets for In Time, saw 50/50 ~*~*~*~**~*~*~ILLEGALLY and then hopped to In Time.
First of all, I want to say that 50/50 was a REALLY good movie. It actually made me feel nice emotions deep, deep down. The goofy best friend was likeable, which is very rare for me! I usually want to just punch the goofy best friends of movies cause they're mostly just annoying fillers. But in this one, I don't know, he was just likeable. Also, there was a huge excess of pretty white women in every natural hair color possible. Okay but overall, this movie is something I would push my friends into watching. (:
And then there was In Time. (spoilers ahead!) This movie was just ridiculously bad, I loved it. Justin Timberlake did such a bad delivery of the already horribly written script, it was just hilarious. And Amanda Seyfried and Justin had such little chemistry, everything was just so awkwardly forced, and their relationship in the movie didn't even have a good foundation. And, I'm sorry, but the funniest part was when the mother dies. She does the strangest thrust forward and just falls into Timberlake's arms, and then he starts screeching, which I think was supposed to be crying. The plot itself had lots of potential, but there were too many holes that the director overlooked. The only reason I even agreed to watch this(even though I already had too many doubts about Timberlake's and Seyfried's acting capabilities) was because Cillian Murphy played the bad guy. He was the only highlight of the entire movie, having actually delivered the lines well, and having a ~*~*~*sexy, suaveness air about him. I felt like the entire movie would've been acceptable if they didn't put a 90's boy band singer and a pretty-faced-but-mediocre-actress as the main roles. But I'm not a movie critic, so you could take that entire last paragraph as a joke. :I

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I wonder if I should number my sketchdumps.

Also I finished the Percy Jackson series a while ago! I really liked it! I might start reading the series's sequel after I finish the Hunger Games Series.

Also I went to the Mitsuwa Hokkaido Food Fair on Sunday with my sister and my friend! I wish I remember to bring my camera, oh well. My friend bought 15 dollars of croquettes on her 20 dollar budget............................................................................................................I ate a corn croquette, part of a crab and asparagus croquette, and part of a scallop croquette. Also I ate these squishy pumpkin cakes with caramel filling. My sister and I shared a bowl of spicy miso ramen(the broth of which murdered the back of my throat, but I couldn't stop drinking it). I felt very much like a weeaboo that day! Everything tasted sooooooooo nice, especially the scallop croquette. I might go to the fall food fair in November. But I'm not exactly sure what would be served at a Japanese fall food fair.....?