Monday, December 26, 2011


I should start making monthly dumps, rather than whenever I feel like it, so I could at least title my posts as "December dump", "January dump" etc, etc.

And yaaaaaaaa I got into Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Tiger and Bunny. They're both reaaaalllllly gooooooooooood, but Madoka is really something. It's was one of the best animes I ever watched. :O (ok that's not saying much, I don't watch a lot of animes). Tiger and Bunny may have been good, but I can't help but remember it for its REALLY SHITTY ANIMATION and those FLAMBOYANTLY GAY MEN.

Also there's an Anastasia because I watched that movie with friends on Christmas eve. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu We also ate a mother's home-cooking and it was really good. ^^

Aaaaand a vague, vague, drawing of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, because she looked really hot in that new Dark Knight Rises trailer.

Really poopy WIP I started back in November and I decided to never finish because the idea is really lame and redundant for me and I can't get it to look good.

gift exchanges yaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Part of that day my friends and I released lanterns yup.

Anywaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, to mirror last year's Christmas celebration, we did a 2011 Secret Santa and White Elephant gift exchange. It was lots of fun, I even met three really cool and funny girls for the first time. (ok well except for one I met several months back, but I'm not going to explain lol)

I bought a Dave Strider Broken Record Shirt and an artbook of pinup girls for my Secret Santa gift. The shirt barely came in a day before the exchange, so I was panicking for two straight weeks on whether or not the shirt would come in on time. I guess giving someone a print out of an order doesn't have as much impact as actually presenting them with the gift??? And then a week later, she spills 7/11 coffee on that shirt(ty choi.........................).

My own Secret Santa gave me a really adorable bunny with a picture of my face on it, and a Tangled poster her brother drew. It looked like a lot of copic ink was used, I kind of feel bad. ):

And theeeeeen came the White Elephant gift exchange. It was a lot more.......ironic than last year. I nabbed a Disney Princess coloring and sticker book, Donde Esta Spot(for the irony ok? I'm not learning Spanish nor am I of any race in which the native tongue is Spanish), and this....uh...I guess you could call it a card.....It's kind of hard to explain, since it's an inside joke of sorts....Well if you read Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, it's something to that effect. SOMETHING. But at least this "card" guaranteed one free art(aASRT) request, since the person who bought the gift is a really amazing artist. She's going to make me a Tangled wedding thing for my desktop wallpaper hehehehehehehehhehehehehehgehrfdjm.

The gift I bought for White Elephant was a Winnie the Pooh plush. I think my gift was the ~***~**~*~most wanted, as it was stolen a lot. This was not without the obligatory "EVERYBODY WANTS MY POOH" jokes. =^o^= (im a cat)

There was other particular gift which included the first three Shrek DVD boxes with ironic "movie posters" in them, and also a pretty awkward shirt with a picture of a half-naked girl from JCPenny.

I barely count that gift as ironic, it was just terrible.

Aftermath of the exchanges~*~**~.

The little feast we had earlier, involving homemade lasagna, peppermint brownies, sandwiches with a bunch of stuff in them including a river of mayo, spaghetti, and meatballs, which no one really ate. I would have, but I have an irrational fear of meatballs. There were also two bottles of sparkling cider which was mostly downed by one particular cider-loving girl. I can't take much of the stuff, it's murder to my throat.

After the exchange came a rather INTERESTING part of the day, which was a gingerbread house making competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
So ya, my team pretty much won because you know, it's a gingerbread house making competition, not a gingerbread scenery/story competition.

Annnnyyyyyywaaaaaaaay, we had only 30 minutes to build a house and come up with a story. These were the results:

This was my team's house, which is actually a church.(I'm not going to say what it was supposed to be, it's too embarrassing). I had to improvise a story which the judge--who got my Winnie the Pooh plush after I convinced her to come to the White Elephant Exchange regardless of the fact she's not in Secret Santa--wouldn't let me finish. U_U

This is is pretty wowamzing, I mean making a circular base out of gingerbread crackers, wow. That's real skill right there, uh-huh.

The other team's haunted house.
You know what this should've been disqualified, this is out of season.


I am so glad to be a winner.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Ahhhhhhh it's Christmas Break. I remember passing out as soon as school ended, and when I did wake up, I wobbled all bow-legged around cause my butt-muscles were in pain. Kind of expected when you sit in one spot for two hours with your eyes glued onto the test final. My butt muscles still kind of hurt.......

Anywaaayy, the day right after school let out, I went to a friend's house to participate in a 2011 Secret Santa and White Elephant exchange! Which I'll talk about in a later post, since I don't have pictures for that yet. <_>

Later on in the afternoon, we went to another friend's house(this was a friend I just barely met that day, so everybody kept joking that I already reached third base with her lolol), and we played a really traumatizing game of hide and seek which eventually turned into "hey let's run around in the pitch-black darkness and if we make eye contact with the person we're trying to find, we scream and run back to base!!!!!!1111" It was terrifying, what does this even have to do with Christmas????????

Here comes the REBEL CHIRREEEEN part. One friend's Secret Santa gift contained ten FLOATING LANTERNS, as in the lanterns from the movie Tangled!!!(ok, not exactly like the ones from Tangled, they're much larger in real life, and you can't put designs on it. )':) We're supposed to release lantern in an empty area with no trees or buildings, or anything to that effect, but we released the lanterns in front of the house instead. HEE HEEE.

Well we started off with a test run with one lantern, in which two people sat on the roof of the house to light and release the lantern, another two people playing "I See the Light" through the speakers in a second story bedroom, and four other people on the ground guess to catch the lantern if it falls, but that sounds really hazardous.

If you look closely on the roof of the house, you could see one person holding an unlit lantern. It took us five minutes to get the lantern, mostly because we were so scared we would light it wrong.

The lantern is lit here and is starting to balloon up!!! If you ever get a lantern, it may say it only needs a 45 seconds for it to be good enough to release, well ignore that, and go for a full minute instead, 'cause here's what happens when we released it after only 45 seconds of waiting.

When released from the roof, the lantern floated for a bit, and then fell, where the people down below held it quite haphazardly by pushing onto the top of the lantern, similar to dribbling a basketball. Eventually, the lantern ballooned up enough for it to float up!

Not the best picture of a floating lantern, but pictures don't matter that much if I got it stored away in my memories!

At this point we were screaming as the lantern threatened to set the roof of the house on fire, but it managed to reach the stars and land god-who-knows-where. I was sobbing at this point, since it was such a breathtaking moment, and it didn't help that I have a huge obsession with Tangled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A couple of hours later, we released even more lanterns, since after the first lanterns, we became pyromaniacs and had an unquenchable lust to have those biodegradable rice paper warm at our fingertips only to leave for its cousins, the stars.


We released one lantern, and then decided to release three more at the same time.

Unfortunately one of the lanterns ripped so we had to hose it down. ): But we still got two lanterns up in the air!

With hook lights.

However, one came down too early, possibly because it was held while burning for too long, and it landed on the next door neighbor's property. (Fortunately it could be confused for a plastic bag, instead of a possible weapon of terrorism.) BUT REGARDLESS OF THE ERRORS, IT WAS STILL SO BEAUTIFUL, AND BY THE TIME THE TWO LANTERNS WERE RELEASED, "I SEE THE LIGHT" GOT TO THE DUET PART. SUCH PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL TIMING. HHHHUUUUUAWWWWWWW......

We're planning to buy ten more lanterns, since now we're hopelessly addicted(although nobody is wiling to step up and order it!!!!!), and also to release those ten lanterns and the five we have left on New Year's Day. I'm sure that would shine some good luck on 2012.(But I wonder if the lanterns were to cause some accident, would that mean bad luck for the entirety 2012?)

Also, the Tangled Ever After trailer came out!!!!!!!(for those who don't know, it's a 6-minute short shown with the 3D rerelease of Beauty and the Beast)

They are just so beautiful eeerrrrrrrrrrghghhhg I am peeing my pants in excitement. January 13th here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

LOTS OF CRAP AGAIN + two movies I watched yeah

looooooooooooootttttttttts of sketches this time.

Also, yesterday, I went with a friend to see 50/50 and In Time. Weellll technically, we bought tickets for In Time, saw 50/50 ~*~*~*~**~*~*~ILLEGALLY and then hopped to In Time.
First of all, I want to say that 50/50 was a REALLY good movie. It actually made me feel nice emotions deep, deep down. The goofy best friend was likeable, which is very rare for me! I usually want to just punch the goofy best friends of movies cause they're mostly just annoying fillers. But in this one, I don't know, he was just likeable. Also, there was a huge excess of pretty white women in every natural hair color possible. Okay but overall, this movie is something I would push my friends into watching. (:
And then there was In Time. (spoilers ahead!) This movie was just ridiculously bad, I loved it. Justin Timberlake did such a bad delivery of the already horribly written script, it was just hilarious. And Amanda Seyfried and Justin had such little chemistry, everything was just so awkwardly forced, and their relationship in the movie didn't even have a good foundation. And, I'm sorry, but the funniest part was when the mother dies. She does the strangest thrust forward and just falls into Timberlake's arms, and then he starts screeching, which I think was supposed to be crying. The plot itself had lots of potential, but there were too many holes that the director overlooked. The only reason I even agreed to watch this(even though I already had too many doubts about Timberlake's and Seyfried's acting capabilities) was because Cillian Murphy played the bad guy. He was the only highlight of the entire movie, having actually delivered the lines well, and having a ~*~*~*sexy, suaveness air about him. I felt like the entire movie would've been acceptable if they didn't put a 90's boy band singer and a pretty-faced-but-mediocre-actress as the main roles. But I'm not a movie critic, so you could take that entire last paragraph as a joke. :I

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I wonder if I should number my sketchdumps.

Also I finished the Percy Jackson series a while ago! I really liked it! I might start reading the series's sequel after I finish the Hunger Games Series.

Also I went to the Mitsuwa Hokkaido Food Fair on Sunday with my sister and my friend! I wish I remember to bring my camera, oh well. My friend bought 15 dollars of croquettes on her 20 dollar budget............................................................................................................I ate a corn croquette, part of a crab and asparagus croquette, and part of a scallop croquette. Also I ate these squishy pumpkin cakes with caramel filling. My sister and I shared a bowl of spicy miso ramen(the broth of which murdered the back of my throat, but I couldn't stop drinking it). I felt very much like a weeaboo that day! Everything tasted sooooooooo nice, especially the scallop croquette. I might go to the fall food fair in November. But I'm not exactly sure what would be served at a Japanese fall food fair.....?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sairor Moon

Lots of Sailor Moon related sketches this time!! I'm contemplating whether or not I want the recently re-released Sailor Moon manga, because my childhood aaaaaaaaaaaaawhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh.
Also, I'm getting better about coloring sketches. <_>

Also I finished 3/5 books of the Percy Jackson series! I knoooooooooooooooooow I'm a slow readeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrr, I can't even say I don't have time to read because I usually have little to no homework these day. :I

On another update, it's freakin' hot. I just want to die in my own mucus in a puddle of Catherine gooooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sketchdump again~

I'm currently really excited for the Hokkaido food faire at Mitsuwa next weekend!! I can't wait to gorge myself in freeeeee samples. My weeaboo is smiling!!

Also reading the Percy Jackson series. The plot is a little cliche but I still like it! But I can't help thinking of how mature these 12-year-olds are, as if 12-year-olds are still considered toddlers in my world. But I feel really old in general, so they might as well be. :I

Tuesday, September 6, 2011



Also a sketchdump for my new ~*~*~*otp from the upcoming french animated film, Un Monstre a Paris.

I'm not even going to post here what I already post on da. Toooooooo lazy.

Also getting my wig for my Dead Master cosplay soon!!!!! Also starting on my props for said cosplay soon, I already wasted a good gigabyte collecting reference pictures off Deviantart and Flickr.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

More art! 8D

Trying really hard to be up to date on my blog. :I

Also a WIP!

Ffffffffffff I feel really unmotivated to finish this particular piece for some reason.

I'll try to make my life more interesting so I could blog about something, other than art. ;_;

Sunday, July 24, 2011

More hooj ass art dump

I'll promise I'll actually start giving the individual artwork/sketchdump it's own posts, rather than posting a cluster of art at a time. ;______________; Also, I'll start posting WIPS.
Also I give up on making a post on Fanime.
I'll make a post on my dog though.
On another note, I'm going to cosplay Dead Master for Fanime 2012! :D Maybe I'll make this more of a blog and post all the WIP's for that cosplay. (:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Huge ass art dump

Let's try to make this quick and painless, yes? Although I imagine most of this is old news for those of you who feel enough pity for me to check my deviantArt occasionally.

I think that's all the digital art(that I'm willing to post online lolololol) I've done in the past one and a half months. I can't recall anything else.

Also I'm getting a new tablet next week. I'm really excited, it's going to be twice the size of my old Bamboo pen, and it has ~*~*~*~*~*~hotkeys.

Next up, a post on my new(ish) dog and another post on Fanime. (:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Santa Cruz!

Okay, this post is like a month late, but I have good reasons......not really. But better late than never...?

So anyway, a couple of weeks ago, a bunch of friends and I went to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. One of our friends' moms was nice enough to drive us all the way there and /coughpayforourfood. Of course I took lots and lots of pictures. (please ignore the date in the bottom right corner of the pictures, I'm too lazy to set an accurate date on my camera. lolololol)

Pointless picture of a bunch of trees on our way there.

And then Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk! (kind of cheated with this picture, as I took it from on top of a ferris wheel I will mention later on)
We bought 50 tickets to split among the four of us, sounds like a lot, but nope! An average ticket quanity for one ride was like 4 tickets. -.-

The first ride we went on was am I supposed to remember the name? It's been, like, a month. I remember that it was spinny ride with "rock and roll" music, here's a visual:

The ride claimed to be a purely rock n'roll music ride, but they played Cascada. Cascada =/= Rock n' Roll. Now that I think about it, I don't recall one actual rock n' roll song. But it was really fun to ride!

We walked around for a bit, and stopped by a candy shop:

Everything looked mouthwatering! But horribly overpriced. So no, I didn't buy anything. My friend however bought a bag of saltwater taffy which she barely shared due to the over-pricenessssssss.



Afterwards, we went to play laser tag because we had so much fun the last time we played laser tag. Once again, I got the highest score. Awuauhauhdfugh. It was a lot easier, however it may be because that it wasn't exactly the place to go if you're a diehard laser tag player.

Then we ate fud, blah blah, here's a picture of my partially eaten burger, yaaaaay.

It was bland, in case you wanted to ask. I guess it's my fault, since I prefer my burgers as dry as a desert.
I was full afterwards, but not my friiieeeennnndss, they wanted to eat:

Actually, I stand corrected. It was two trays, one for the deep fried oreos and the deep fried twinkies and fuawkdamnhellbitchwhoreson why would you eat this?

Taken post-devouring-the-two-deep-fried-oreos-in-less-than-two-minutes. They didn't enjoy the deep-fried twinkie as much. Were the pain in your chests to unbearable to enjoy anything?
Ahem, sorry. If you're a deep-fried everything fanatic, I don't mean to offend you. It just goes against my standards of food. But just hearing the words deep fried makes my arteries tremble in fear.

And if that wasn't enough, they went to get ice cream afterwards. Well, 2/3 of them did. Why even auhdhgfusdjhbjfhgfhfg.

Then, the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

"Do you have to go away tomorrow?"
"It's the best for us."
"I don't want tomorrow to ever come."
"But then if tomorrow never comes, then the day will never come that I reunite with you with open arms. And then we'll have hundreds of neverending days together, not just here on this sand, but anywhere you want us to be."
"But you'll be away forever."
"No one said those hundreds of days have to be on earth."
"I'm an atheist."
Suddenly, heartwarming music.

It was the most fun part of the day, personally! We drew in the saaaand:

So talented, omg. ;_;

Collected seashells we were planning to make bracelets out of(never did....), chased the tides:
We had to leave the beach earlier than we wanted to, because the mom that took us there told us the park was going to close soon.(we later found out she read the time wrong, and it was in fact closing much later. Dammit.) So we went off to spend the rest of our tickets(by the way, it was a huge ass pain cleaning off the sand off our shoes).

Two of our friends went on a roller coaster which I forgot to take a picture of. Ffffff. I somewhat have a fear of heights, and falls....and hills......and speed, so I chickened out. One of my other friends was glad to go with me to thhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeee SWWWWWWIIIIIINGS YAYAY FUN FUN FUN.

It spun and tilted and that's pretty much it.

Then we all met up to go on the ferris wheel. I forgot to take a proper picture of the ferris wheel, but here's an.....angle of it?

One of my friends is looking down at us, but it's so far away, I didn't feel the need to block out her face. Oh weeeellllllll.
On a side note, the ferris wheel was the scariest thing ever, UAHSFDUHSGFGFFF. Brings me back to my fear of heights. Also, it was awful fast for a comfort ride, and the little cars were as open as open can be. I'm used to being in an enclosed box for ferris wheels. ;-; But I guess since it wasn't an enclosed box, I got some pretty magnificent views of the park.

Afterwards, we walked across a bridge and back. Okaaaay.

Then we walked 20 minutes to a pier. The seagulls were huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge, at least in comparison the the seagulls over where I live. We stopped by a rather crowded place where they selled fried seafood. Two of my friends bought fried calamari, and it was dericious. Calamari was usually chewy, but these were bitten through like buttah.

Theeeeen we looked at some sea lions:

They were all sleeping. I wonder if they got splinters like that...?

My other friend and I came back to the same seafood place. Might as well get quality seafood, while we were there. My friend got three fish tacos, and I got fish and chips for ten dollars. At first I thought was a little overpriced, but then I realized how much food was in the tray. It took my whole family to eat it when I came back home! Although, it was super fresh tasting, like they were caught that morning. Mmmmmh.

On the car ride home, we played a game where we described movies super vaguely, and the people had to guess what the movie was. Ex)

"This was a story about a guy trying to find something."
"Finding Nemo?"

I was pretty bad at that game. I said stuff like:
"There's a green guy and a donkey trying to save a princess."

If you don't get it, then.......

Well that's it for Santa Cruz! I actually went to Fanimu this year for the 27th-29th. Expect a huge post on that. (: Also expect a seperate post for art. I was about to post my art on the same post as this, but it would get too cluttered.
Also, another seperate post on my new dog. Pweesh, this is what I get for slacking off on my blog.