Thursday, May 26, 2011

Santa Cruz!

Okay, this post is like a month late, but I have good reasons......not really. But better late than never...?

So anyway, a couple of weeks ago, a bunch of friends and I went to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. One of our friends' moms was nice enough to drive us all the way there and /coughpayforourfood. Of course I took lots and lots of pictures. (please ignore the date in the bottom right corner of the pictures, I'm too lazy to set an accurate date on my camera. lolololol)

Pointless picture of a bunch of trees on our way there.

And then Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk! (kind of cheated with this picture, as I took it from on top of a ferris wheel I will mention later on)
We bought 50 tickets to split among the four of us, sounds like a lot, but nope! An average ticket quanity for one ride was like 4 tickets. -.-

The first ride we went on was am I supposed to remember the name? It's been, like, a month. I remember that it was spinny ride with "rock and roll" music, here's a visual:

The ride claimed to be a purely rock n'roll music ride, but they played Cascada. Cascada =/= Rock n' Roll. Now that I think about it, I don't recall one actual rock n' roll song. But it was really fun to ride!

We walked around for a bit, and stopped by a candy shop:

Everything looked mouthwatering! But horribly overpriced. So no, I didn't buy anything. My friend however bought a bag of saltwater taffy which she barely shared due to the over-pricenessssssss.



Afterwards, we went to play laser tag because we had so much fun the last time we played laser tag. Once again, I got the highest score. Awuauhauhdfugh. It was a lot easier, however it may be because that it wasn't exactly the place to go if you're a diehard laser tag player.

Then we ate fud, blah blah, here's a picture of my partially eaten burger, yaaaaay.

It was bland, in case you wanted to ask. I guess it's my fault, since I prefer my burgers as dry as a desert.
I was full afterwards, but not my friiieeeennnndss, they wanted to eat:

Actually, I stand corrected. It was two trays, one for the deep fried oreos and the deep fried twinkies and fuawkdamnhellbitchwhoreson why would you eat this?

Taken post-devouring-the-two-deep-fried-oreos-in-less-than-two-minutes. They didn't enjoy the deep-fried twinkie as much. Were the pain in your chests to unbearable to enjoy anything?
Ahem, sorry. If you're a deep-fried everything fanatic, I don't mean to offend you. It just goes against my standards of food. But just hearing the words deep fried makes my arteries tremble in fear.

And if that wasn't enough, they went to get ice cream afterwards. Well, 2/3 of them did. Why even auhdhgfusdjhbjfhgfhfg.

Then, the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

"Do you have to go away tomorrow?"
"It's the best for us."
"I don't want tomorrow to ever come."
"But then if tomorrow never comes, then the day will never come that I reunite with you with open arms. And then we'll have hundreds of neverending days together, not just here on this sand, but anywhere you want us to be."
"But you'll be away forever."
"No one said those hundreds of days have to be on earth."
"I'm an atheist."
Suddenly, heartwarming music.

It was the most fun part of the day, personally! We drew in the saaaand:

So talented, omg. ;_;

Collected seashells we were planning to make bracelets out of(never did....), chased the tides:
We had to leave the beach earlier than we wanted to, because the mom that took us there told us the park was going to close soon.(we later found out she read the time wrong, and it was in fact closing much later. Dammit.) So we went off to spend the rest of our tickets(by the way, it was a huge ass pain cleaning off the sand off our shoes).

Two of our friends went on a roller coaster which I forgot to take a picture of. Ffffff. I somewhat have a fear of heights, and falls....and hills......and speed, so I chickened out. One of my other friends was glad to go with me to thhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeee SWWWWWWIIIIIINGS YAYAY FUN FUN FUN.

It spun and tilted and that's pretty much it.

Then we all met up to go on the ferris wheel. I forgot to take a proper picture of the ferris wheel, but here's an.....angle of it?

One of my friends is looking down at us, but it's so far away, I didn't feel the need to block out her face. Oh weeeellllllll.
On a side note, the ferris wheel was the scariest thing ever, UAHSFDUHSGFGFFF. Brings me back to my fear of heights. Also, it was awful fast for a comfort ride, and the little cars were as open as open can be. I'm used to being in an enclosed box for ferris wheels. ;-; But I guess since it wasn't an enclosed box, I got some pretty magnificent views of the park.

Afterwards, we walked across a bridge and back. Okaaaay.

Then we walked 20 minutes to a pier. The seagulls were huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge, at least in comparison the the seagulls over where I live. We stopped by a rather crowded place where they selled fried seafood. Two of my friends bought fried calamari, and it was dericious. Calamari was usually chewy, but these were bitten through like buttah.

Theeeeen we looked at some sea lions:

They were all sleeping. I wonder if they got splinters like that...?

My other friend and I came back to the same seafood place. Might as well get quality seafood, while we were there. My friend got three fish tacos, and I got fish and chips for ten dollars. At first I thought was a little overpriced, but then I realized how much food was in the tray. It took my whole family to eat it when I came back home! Although, it was super fresh tasting, like they were caught that morning. Mmmmmh.

On the car ride home, we played a game where we described movies super vaguely, and the people had to guess what the movie was. Ex)

"This was a story about a guy trying to find something."
"Finding Nemo?"

I was pretty bad at that game. I said stuff like:
"There's a green guy and a donkey trying to save a princess."

If you don't get it, then.......

Well that's it for Santa Cruz! I actually went to Fanimu this year for the 27th-29th. Expect a huge post on that. (: Also expect a seperate post for art. I was about to post my art on the same post as this, but it would get too cluttered.
Also, another seperate post on my new dog. Pweesh, this is what I get for slacking off on my blog.