Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Things that make other people think I'm strange

I made a list for the heck of it. I just want to see how long the list goes. xD
1. I wear too many dresses. I'm always the skirt in the midst of skinny jeans.
2. I'm too girly and have a deep love for pinks and baby blues.
3. I don't mind abortion.
4. I don't care about a possible legalization of drugs.
5. I have a perverted sense of humor. Okay, well more so than most people.
6. I laugh and smile when someone insults me.
7. People catch me doodling on test papers.
8. I dumb myself down most of the time, and it's obvious when I do it.
9. I hate doing Biology labs.
10. I hate it when people use improper grammar when they talk to me online.
11. I try to avoid sunshine as much as possible.
12. I would wear dresses in the middle of winter and I would not feel cold.
13. I avoid eye contact, even with my peers.
14. I hate Hot Cheetos.(not really strange, but other people think it is)

On another note, my US History teacher has been talking about the fashion of the 13th-16th century an awful lot, so I ended up doodling this with my tablet:

Er, I think it's a dress from 13th century Spain...? I don't know, I drew it from memories of paintings of Spanish nobles.
And bye-bye computer, I have to unplug you until Friday. ;o; (damn Thursday carpet renovations)


  1. wow that's really pretty!

    Also I share a couple things on that list, most notably the hot cheetos. what were they thinking??

  2. Your style is so gorgeous *3*

    I also hate Hot Cheetos, but they were the most popular thing in high school... red hands, everywhere!

  3. Number 13 is so me. And I don't think a girl can wear too many dresses.