Thursday, March 31, 2011

Still buried under my Tangled madness

Haven't made a post in a while. I guess I just wanted my Tangled sketches to pile up and make one big super post of them, rather than having each doodle a seperate post. Heh heh.

I realize these are Tangled spoilers, but to be blunt, I really don't care if I spoil anyone anymore since my sister already watched the movie. And I think my miniscule amount of followers, 3/4 of them barely even looking at my blog, really don't care about the movie Tangled. /shrugs

And speaking of watching the movie, I got the Blu-Ray DVD of it on Tuesday:

Extremely happy that I finally have it. :) Now it could be TANGLED ALL DAY EVERYDAY. I haven't watched much of the bonus features yet, due to lack of time. OTL.

Oh, also a Tangled Facebook graffiti poopy thing and a pencil sketches:

The purple blobby thing was to cover up an error in scanning, okay? ;_;

And a picture of my current Tangled collection:

Left to right-First row:Reusable Shopping Bag; Second Row: Read-Aloud Storybook, Chasing the Dream Coloring Book, Meet Rapunzel! Magazine, PVG Sheet Music Book, Rapunzel's Journal; Third Row: Mini Coloring and Activity Book, Rapunzel's Tale, Little Golden Book, A Dazzling Day; Fourth row-The Art of Tangled, Rapunzel's Amazing Hair; Fifth row: Tangled Blu-Ray DVD and Digital Copy(the digital copy is being given to my friend), Valentine Cards and Pencils(I really should start using these....)

Please don't ask how much this all costed. ._.; Also I know I'm being childish. ((((((((((:

That's "all" I have on the Tangled subject for now.

On another note, starting next week is a sort of state exam for 1st-11th grade. I'm not nervous at all, since I usually score pretty well on it. (: Also the exams don't count towards our grades, it's more like a "report card for the school". Basically if the school average doesn't score particulary well on a scale of 1-1000, then well...there's something off going on. My school is scoring in the mid 600's, which is terrible. e_e I don't have high expectations of my school anyway, but....c'mon, 600.

So tomorrow, I'm going off to a friend's house to study, and then watch Tangled....and study....derp.....I don't know.

Oh, and it was my birthday. Lolollolol.