Thursday, December 22, 2011


Ahhhhhhh it's Christmas Break. I remember passing out as soon as school ended, and when I did wake up, I wobbled all bow-legged around cause my butt-muscles were in pain. Kind of expected when you sit in one spot for two hours with your eyes glued onto the test final. My butt muscles still kind of hurt.......

Anywaaayy, the day right after school let out, I went to a friend's house to participate in a 2011 Secret Santa and White Elephant exchange! Which I'll talk about in a later post, since I don't have pictures for that yet. <_>

Later on in the afternoon, we went to another friend's house(this was a friend I just barely met that day, so everybody kept joking that I already reached third base with her lolol), and we played a really traumatizing game of hide and seek which eventually turned into "hey let's run around in the pitch-black darkness and if we make eye contact with the person we're trying to find, we scream and run back to base!!!!!!1111" It was terrifying, what does this even have to do with Christmas????????

Here comes the REBEL CHIRREEEEN part. One friend's Secret Santa gift contained ten FLOATING LANTERNS, as in the lanterns from the movie Tangled!!!(ok, not exactly like the ones from Tangled, they're much larger in real life, and you can't put designs on it. )':) We're supposed to release lantern in an empty area with no trees or buildings, or anything to that effect, but we released the lanterns in front of the house instead. HEE HEEE.

Well we started off with a test run with one lantern, in which two people sat on the roof of the house to light and release the lantern, another two people playing "I See the Light" through the speakers in a second story bedroom, and four other people on the ground guess to catch the lantern if it falls, but that sounds really hazardous.

If you look closely on the roof of the house, you could see one person holding an unlit lantern. It took us five minutes to get the lantern, mostly because we were so scared we would light it wrong.

The lantern is lit here and is starting to balloon up!!! If you ever get a lantern, it may say it only needs a 45 seconds for it to be good enough to release, well ignore that, and go for a full minute instead, 'cause here's what happens when we released it after only 45 seconds of waiting.

When released from the roof, the lantern floated for a bit, and then fell, where the people down below held it quite haphazardly by pushing onto the top of the lantern, similar to dribbling a basketball. Eventually, the lantern ballooned up enough for it to float up!

Not the best picture of a floating lantern, but pictures don't matter that much if I got it stored away in my memories!

At this point we were screaming as the lantern threatened to set the roof of the house on fire, but it managed to reach the stars and land god-who-knows-where. I was sobbing at this point, since it was such a breathtaking moment, and it didn't help that I have a huge obsession with Tangled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A couple of hours later, we released even more lanterns, since after the first lanterns, we became pyromaniacs and had an unquenchable lust to have those biodegradable rice paper warm at our fingertips only to leave for its cousins, the stars.


We released one lantern, and then decided to release three more at the same time.

Unfortunately one of the lanterns ripped so we had to hose it down. ): But we still got two lanterns up in the air!

With hook lights.

However, one came down too early, possibly because it was held while burning for too long, and it landed on the next door neighbor's property. (Fortunately it could be confused for a plastic bag, instead of a possible weapon of terrorism.) BUT REGARDLESS OF THE ERRORS, IT WAS STILL SO BEAUTIFUL, AND BY THE TIME THE TWO LANTERNS WERE RELEASED, "I SEE THE LIGHT" GOT TO THE DUET PART. SUCH PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL TIMING. HHHHUUUUUAWWWWWWW......

We're planning to buy ten more lanterns, since now we're hopelessly addicted(although nobody is wiling to step up and order it!!!!!), and also to release those ten lanterns and the five we have left on New Year's Day. I'm sure that would shine some good luck on 2012.(But I wonder if the lanterns were to cause some accident, would that mean bad luck for the entirety 2012?)

Also, the Tangled Ever After trailer came out!!!!!!!(for those who don't know, it's a 6-minute short shown with the 3D rerelease of Beauty and the Beast)

They are just so beautiful eeerrrrrrrrrrghghhhg I am peeing my pants in excitement. January 13th here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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