Monday, December 26, 2011

gift exchanges yaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Part of that day my friends and I released lanterns yup.

Anywaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, to mirror last year's Christmas celebration, we did a 2011 Secret Santa and White Elephant gift exchange. It was lots of fun, I even met three really cool and funny girls for the first time. (ok well except for one I met several months back, but I'm not going to explain lol)

I bought a Dave Strider Broken Record Shirt and an artbook of pinup girls for my Secret Santa gift. The shirt barely came in a day before the exchange, so I was panicking for two straight weeks on whether or not the shirt would come in on time. I guess giving someone a print out of an order doesn't have as much impact as actually presenting them with the gift??? And then a week later, she spills 7/11 coffee on that shirt(ty choi.........................).

My own Secret Santa gave me a really adorable bunny with a picture of my face on it, and a Tangled poster her brother drew. It looked like a lot of copic ink was used, I kind of feel bad. ):

And theeeeeen came the White Elephant gift exchange. It was a lot more.......ironic than last year. I nabbed a Disney Princess coloring and sticker book, Donde Esta Spot(for the irony ok? I'm not learning Spanish nor am I of any race in which the native tongue is Spanish), and this....uh...I guess you could call it a card.....It's kind of hard to explain, since it's an inside joke of sorts....Well if you read Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, it's something to that effect. SOMETHING. But at least this "card" guaranteed one free art(aASRT) request, since the person who bought the gift is a really amazing artist. She's going to make me a Tangled wedding thing for my desktop wallpaper hehehehehehehehhehehehehehgehrfdjm.

The gift I bought for White Elephant was a Winnie the Pooh plush. I think my gift was the ~***~**~*~most wanted, as it was stolen a lot. This was not without the obligatory "EVERYBODY WANTS MY POOH" jokes. =^o^= (im a cat)

There was other particular gift which included the first three Shrek DVD boxes with ironic "movie posters" in them, and also a pretty awkward shirt with a picture of a half-naked girl from JCPenny.

I barely count that gift as ironic, it was just terrible.

Aftermath of the exchanges~*~**~.

The little feast we had earlier, involving homemade lasagna, peppermint brownies, sandwiches with a bunch of stuff in them including a river of mayo, spaghetti, and meatballs, which no one really ate. I would have, but I have an irrational fear of meatballs. There were also two bottles of sparkling cider which was mostly downed by one particular cider-loving girl. I can't take much of the stuff, it's murder to my throat.

After the exchange came a rather INTERESTING part of the day, which was a gingerbread house making competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
So ya, my team pretty much won because you know, it's a gingerbread house making competition, not a gingerbread scenery/story competition.

Annnnyyyyyywaaaaaaaay, we had only 30 minutes to build a house and come up with a story. These were the results:

This was my team's house, which is actually a church.(I'm not going to say what it was supposed to be, it's too embarrassing). I had to improvise a story which the judge--who got my Winnie the Pooh plush after I convinced her to come to the White Elephant Exchange regardless of the fact she's not in Secret Santa--wouldn't let me finish. U_U

This is is pretty wowamzing, I mean making a circular base out of gingerbread crackers, wow. That's real skill right there, uh-huh.

The other team's haunted house.
You know what this should've been disqualified, this is out of season.


I am so glad to be a winner.

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