Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lasuuuuuh Tag

Aggggghhhh, why is the Tangled graphic novel so hard to find? Hopefully it'll be at this one mall by next week, as they promised. ;_;
Anyway, instead of pursuing another piece of my ever-expanding-Tangled-merchandise-collection, we went laser tagging yesterday instead.
Right then, whatever floats our boat. Five teenagers.
We were really scared at first, and we thought it was going to be really awkward with other players, but we might as well go through with it since we already paid NINE DOLLARS PER PLAYER. WHATSOOVERPRICEDIDON'TEVEN.
Anyway, we had to give ourselves codenames--we were planning to name ourselves after Tangled characters(or at least I was), but then we panicked so the employee had to give us codenames. I got Cloud.

Anyway, the game turned out to be really fun! For me at least. It was just a tiny bit scary though, since the whole place was a dark maze with a person popping out of every corner. And I kept shooting at this one person who kept turning out to be me in a mirror. Plus, the first five-ten minutes were really confusing, since we weren't totally sure where to shoot a person to get points. But we still got it--at least most of us did--however the number of times I got shot were countless multiplied by a variable. HUHUHUHUHHUUHHUHUHU. The game ended after 20-30 minutes of DERP, we got out, and checked our scores on the screen.

I got 224 points. Yay! The highest in my group of friends. (:
And some loser nicknamed Nitro got -104 points. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Then I remembered that someone in my group was nicknamed Nitro.
Next thing I know, my friend standing next to me was making whale noises.


We're talking about going again, now that we're experienced, hopefully with more friends.

Oh, more tegaki-e Tangled art, if you don't mind:

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  1. w-what, there's a graphic novel?!

    >And some loser nicknamed Nitro got -104 points
    LOL aaaaw poor Nitro ;p but with a nickname like that, you think they'd at least be decent!

    I love your drawing btw, the flow of her hair is soooo pretty <3