Sunday, February 13, 2011

In the past month...

Nothing terribly exciting happened, just a few trips with friends, and an order of a whole buttload of Tangled merchandise off Amazon. One of which is a PVG book(piano, vocal, and guitar sheet music book), which I need to remember to scan for a friend. We're attempting to play a song together from the book, she being a guitar-player, and I being a piano player. Not to say wer're a guitarist and pianis, that insinuates we're actually good at our instruments. Haha.

I could show you my new Yesstyle clothing from that group order a couple weeks ago, the total cost being over 150 dollars--we were really desperate to reach 150 dollars to get free shipping. xD And the shipping was suprisingly fast, at least in comparison to some of the blog posts I seen about how Yesstyle shipping takes up to two months. /shrugs

From left to right: Faux collared dress from Tokyo Fashion, Hello Rabbit long t-shirt from Dodostyle, Bow keyhole shirt from Ageha.

And then yesterday, three other friends and I went to some obscure, kind of shady Vietnamese resteraunt. The food was good, and my Korean friend seemed to enjoy her share of bun thit nuong(accompanied by at least a pound of chili sauce), but the beef pho my other friend and I ordered didn't have much lean meat. It was mostly meat with huge strips of fat still on it, which we hated--and it reminded me of bacon, and I hate bacon. ): My other friend ordered bun bo hue, which had globs of pure fat floating in it. Jeebus. Although what was funny was the look on my Korean's friend face as my two other Viet friends spoke to the waiter in fluent-ish Vietnamese. Haha. I would've spoken to the waiter too if my Vietnamese wasn't so broken with an awkward Amuuurican accent.

Besides all that, nothing particulary exciting happened. We are planning to go to a beachside amusement park over the spring break, but I'm a little reluctant to do so, since I vomit in the extreme heat real easily. Ahehehehehe...........................................We're also going to continue to pursue our quest for a Tangled graphic novel in a mall at a upscale district(upscale as in the mall is located near a Prada, Gucci, and a Burberry store. Yikes!)

That's it, other than a few drawings--yes, most Tangled related. I will one day make a blogspot that doesn't mention Tangled at all. xD I can't imagine it happening though.

This image contains Tangled spoilers! If you have not watched the movie yet, please do not click.

Tegaki-e Panty and Stocking cause I like raeping fandoms.

On an unrelated note: Vampire Knight chapter 68 came out two days ago, yay! The plot is picking up speed and has me on the edge of my leather, pimp armchair.

EDIT: Happy Valentine's Day! I hope everybody finds love in something, even if it isn't a human being. /coughcough

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  1. Cute buys, and drawings! (as always)