Thursday, March 31, 2011

Still buried under my Tangled madness

Haven't made a post in a while. I guess I just wanted my Tangled sketches to pile up and make one big super post of them, rather than having each doodle a seperate post. Heh heh.

I realize these are Tangled spoilers, but to be blunt, I really don't care if I spoil anyone anymore since my sister already watched the movie. And I think my miniscule amount of followers, 3/4 of them barely even looking at my blog, really don't care about the movie Tangled. /shrugs

And speaking of watching the movie, I got the Blu-Ray DVD of it on Tuesday:

Extremely happy that I finally have it. :) Now it could be TANGLED ALL DAY EVERYDAY. I haven't watched much of the bonus features yet, due to lack of time. OTL.

Oh, also a Tangled Facebook graffiti poopy thing and a pencil sketches:

The purple blobby thing was to cover up an error in scanning, okay? ;_;

And a picture of my current Tangled collection:

Left to right-First row:Reusable Shopping Bag; Second Row: Read-Aloud Storybook, Chasing the Dream Coloring Book, Meet Rapunzel! Magazine, PVG Sheet Music Book, Rapunzel's Journal; Third Row: Mini Coloring and Activity Book, Rapunzel's Tale, Little Golden Book, A Dazzling Day; Fourth row-The Art of Tangled, Rapunzel's Amazing Hair; Fifth row: Tangled Blu-Ray DVD and Digital Copy(the digital copy is being given to my friend), Valentine Cards and Pencils(I really should start using these....)

Please don't ask how much this all costed. ._.; Also I know I'm being childish. ((((((((((:

That's "all" I have on the Tangled subject for now.

On another note, starting next week is a sort of state exam for 1st-11th grade. I'm not nervous at all, since I usually score pretty well on it. (: Also the exams don't count towards our grades, it's more like a "report card for the school". Basically if the school average doesn't score particulary well on a scale of 1-1000, then well...there's something off going on. My school is scoring in the mid 600's, which is terrible. e_e I don't have high expectations of my school anyway, but....c'mon, 600.

So tomorrow, I'm going off to a friend's house to study, and then watch Tangled....and study....derp.....I don't know.

Oh, and it was my birthday. Lolollolol.


  1. holy crap you are obsessed! But it's okay because your artwork is great regardless of the subject XD