Saturday, January 8, 2011

What's for dinner tonight + Gifts and Art!

My dinner is fiesty when it's trapped inside a paper bag. Hopefully a bowl of water cooled it off:

Alive and kicking, kind of. Well it was when it was set down on the ground while it was still inside the paper bag. It skittered all over the carpet. I screamed a lot and threatened to kill it right there....I'm not a creepy-crawly lover. When it was put into the bowl of water, it barely twitched, so I guess spending one hour + in a bag either exhausted it, or suffocated it to near death.

In the pot
Steaming hot
Comes orange-red
It's gone and dead

And here are some pictures of the gifts I recieved from the Secret Santa + White Elephant gift exchanges held on December 27th:

My Secret Santa gift! And my favorite gift from either exchanges, a notebook of handwritten short stories, mad libs, poems, AND TANGLED FANFICTION BECAUSE CAITLIN KNOWS ME TOO WELL from my super-talented-of-a-writer friend. She also gave me a Forever 21 $25 gift card, since my Elfster wishlist was filled with dresses from Forever 21. ^^; /has yet to use the gift card

And to troll Caitlin furthur, a picture of the letter she wrote in the notebook:

I love how she puts the last sentence in bold. xD

Afterwards, I gave my Secret Santa Gift to Amy. The cruddiely wrapped gift contained an overpriced Kuromi plushie from Sanrio, two boxes of Pocky and a bag of milk candy.

After the Secret Santa Exchange, we had a White Elephant Exchage. (A White Elephant Exchange is basically an event in which everybody buys a gift[preferabley a gift everybody wants] sets it in a pile, and picks a number out of a stack of cards, from a hat, ect. Whoever gets number 1 picks a gift first, unwraps it, and then number 2 picks a gift. If number 2 does not like the gift she picks, she is allowed to steal a previous gift that has already been picked. After a gift has been stolen a certain amount of times, it cannot be stolen anymore. You also cannot steal back a gift.)

The White Elephant Gift Exchange was hilarious and too confusing to put into words, but I'll try the best I can. (there are three Jessica's in our ~*CIRCLE OF FRIENDS~* so for less confusion, they'll be called Jessica #1, #2, and #3). I'm mostly writing this down so I could look back at this three years from now and laugh at the good ol' days. :)

-Jessica #1 gets Van's bodywash...and uses it immediately.

-Van gets Jessica #2's Tangled books(plus gum and erasers), which immediately results in Jessica #3 and me raging and screaming at her due to our deep obsession with the movie.

-Amy gets Jessica #1's gift, which was box within a box within a box within a box...and eventually led to a note that led a to scavenger hunt for a bunny plushie and a box of chocolates. It was fun!

-Caitlin gets my gift, which was a copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling and a bag of Danish Butter Cookies.

-Jessica #2 gets 10 bars of Hi-Chews(a Japanese fruit candy), and steals Jessica #1's bodywash. Now Jessica #1 has the Hi-Chews.

-I get Jessica's #3's gift, which was a K-Pop album, and steal the Tangled books. Now Van has the K-Pop album.

-Van steals the copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard, leaving Caitlin with the K-Pop album.

-Jessica #3 gets Caitlin's gift of a set of obscure, heavy books. She steals the 20 bars of Hi-Chews from Jessica #1, leaving Jessica #1 with the obscure books.

-Caitlin steals the Hi-Chews, then Jessica #1 steals The Tales of Beedle the Bard. They trade the gifts they have just stolen. Now Caitlin has The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Jessica #1 has the Hi-Chews, Van has the K-Pop album, and Jessica #3 has the obscure books.

I hope got all of that right.

But the real important thing is, I GOT BEAUTIFUL TANGLED MERCHANDISE:

From left to right is the Tangled Read-Aloud Storybook(with seriously gorgeous art!), a Tangled poster which came with the storybook, and a Tangled coloring book (which I haven't dared even marked yet). There were also stickers that came with the storybook and the coloring book, all of which I'm never going to peel and stick on some unworthy surface.

There were also a bunch of gum and cute animal erasers that came with the books. I ended up giving the animal erasers to Van, and then she gave the bunny eraser to Jessica #3, which she ripped up. I thought she was threatening me(being a little mad she didn't get the Tangled books), since my username everywhere is Rabbit-Full. o_o

Before both of the exchages, Jessica #3 gave me BEAUTIFUL fanart of Flynn and Rapunzel--much better than what I could ever draw. It's all fluffy and sweet, the total opposite of the homolu--nevermind.

The paper suffered much physical abuse from the artist herself. WHY AREN'T YOU PROUD OF IT?

And a here's a real downer in comparison to that piece of art:

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  1. I love crab, its so tasty. I haven't seen tangled yet though I really want to ;_;